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To be launched imminently - an innovative new motorsport security system designed specifically for race teams - on the move, in the paddock, even in the air.

Using the latest CCTV technology developed by AD Group, the X-Pro Motorsport Security System integrates state-of-the-art closed-circuit television monitoring with digital image recording and the latest in smoke and motion detection.

The system can ensure round-the-clock security monitoring of all aspects of a team's motorsport activities, from race trucks in transit on the road, to the team's racetrack installations, including paddock, garage and hospitality suites.

X-Pro Motorsport Security System from RML AD GroupAll aspects can be centrally and even remotely controlled, with live feeds that can also be used to offer guests real-time viewing of the pitlane and garage action.

The system has been under development in association with RML's sports prototype programme for the past four years and has now been perfected and proven.

Full details and specifications will be posted shortly.

X-Pro Motorsport Security System from RML AD Group

X-Pro Motorsport Security System from RML AD Group